Google Bouncer arrives – its mission: to seek and destroy Android malware

Now then, here’s a bit of good news for anyone who uses an Android phones, and who likes using the Android Market. Y’see, it’s well known that there’s been a fair amount of malware popping up on the Android Market, and as we all know, malware is bad. On PC, you’ve got loads of options for protecting yourself, and while there’s a couple of ways on Android, it’s always nice to have extra protection, right?

So, this new thingie that Google have come up with, according to their own blog, is a very welcome addition to the Android platform. It’s called Bouncer, and it’s specifically designed to add another layer of protection to Android users. So, then, how does it work?

Well, the clue’s in the name, innit? Bouncer acts as, well, a bouncer, for the Android Market; whenever an app is uploaded to the Market, it scans it for known malware, and looks to see if it acts like it might be doing something nasty. It even runs the app in a virtual environment, to check what it will do on phones, and then, if it’s wearing trainers it looks dodgy, it doesn’t get in. Simple as.

So, it’s an extra layer of protection, but how does it apply to users? Say a user has the HTC Sensation XE, or the Ice Cream Sandwich-powered Samsung Galaxy Nexus; what do they need to do to be protected by Bouncer?

Ah, well, that’s the best bit. Users need to take the incredibly difficult and complicated step of doing PRECISELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER. Y’see, Bouncer sits in the Market itself, and does all its business before an app is allowed to be uploaded (oh, and it also retroactively does it on existing apps), so all of that technical stuff goes on in the background. Every Android user will get the benefits of Bouncer, without ever having to lift a finger.

And that is brilliant!

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