Gallileo – the next camera phone mount from the guys who created Gorillapod

Right then, the Gorillapod is one of those must-have accessories, if you’re into the ol’ mobile photography lark. It’s a tripod, right, but it’s a bendy tripod, so you can pretty much mount your camera phone anywhere. However, the next invention from the guys who made Gorillapod is even cooler. Have a look…

It’s called the Gallileo, and it’s a motorised, remote control camera mount, capable of 360° pan and tilt. And that, right, is pretty damn cool. Sure, so far it’s only for iOS devices like the iPhone 4S, but even then, I can appreciate clever engineering when I see it…

It would seem that its primary purpose, and the reason why the guy originally came up with it, is to make video calls more interactive, so the person you’re talking to can wander about without being fixed in one spot. While they do, you can move the phone about, remotely, to follow them round the room. Useful if you’re talking to your young son, like the creator was, ‘cos kids are well known to have an attention span of about 3 sec- OOH SHINY

Of course, it’s useful for the more artistic stuff, too, like moving time-lapse shots.

Oh, and there’ll be a standard API for it, so that third party apps can take advantage of Gallileo’s functionality, which really is cool. It’s just a shame that, for now, it’s only planned for iOS devices. Make it available for Android phones, I say, and not just because I’m getting an HTC One X. I mean, it can be controlled from a web browser, so it’s not as if you need an iPad to control it.

Anyway, the developer has a project up on Kickstarter, asking for funding, right now, although looking at it, they’ve already hit their $100,000 target. So this thing will get made.

Good times!

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