Funny but worryingly plausible – Google whisper ads

If we’re talking websites that do biting satire, it doesn’t come much more bitingly satirical than The Onion. I was hooked on their site ever since I saw their note-perfect ‘Macbook Wheel’ parody that appeared, ooh, ages ago now. And I have longed, in all that time, for them to do a story that I could embed on here. Today, my wish came true, with their newest video, ‘Google Whisper Ads’ (oh, and don’t stop the video till it finishes, the YPhone bit at the end is priceless):

New Google Phone Service Whispers Targeted Ads Directly Into Users’ Ears

Haaaaaaaaaaa-hahahahahahaha! Funny. But slightly worrying in how plausible it is…

After all, we already know Google Voice uses sophisticated voice-recognition software, to be able to transcribe your voicemail messages. After that, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to full voice adverts on phone calls. Or just before phone calls, before your call connects, which in itself would be a complete pain in the bottom.

So, would Google ever do this? In all honesty, no, I don’t reckon they would. I think. I’m pretty sure, anyway. Unless they just set it so that any calls to emergency services are off-limits for adverts, but anything else is fair game. Er. damn, I’ve just convinced myself they would do it. Well, in that case, then, the safest bet would seem to be to buy an HTC Desire now, and then never upgrade the firmware.

Or something.

Anyway, look, as an extra treat for you guys, here’s the original Macbook Wheel video that introduced me to The Onion…

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

I say again, haaaaaaaaaaa-hahahahahahaha

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