Frog Orbs – it’s like Missile Command, if Missile Command had frogs and magic

Hands up everyone who’s old enough to remember Missile Command. Quite a few people raised their hands there, I’d imagine. And now, hands up everyone who always wondered what Missile Command would be like if you played as some kind of frog wizard. Well wonder no more! Frog Orbs has now been released on iOS…

Yes, now you can play as a frog with magical and a collection of orb-y things (so the name’s quite appropriate, really)! Frog Orbs is available now on iOS devices like the iPhone 5, but does it look to be any good?

Well, to be honest, yes. It does actually look kinda fun. The basic idea is that evil things have invaded the froggy character’s world and made off with his flies, and as we all know, you never steal another frog’s flies, especially when said frog is wearing a wizard’s hat and appears to be the ranine equivalent of Gandalf. So that’s the plot, which is frankly ludicrous.

As for the gameplay, it’s Missile Command with spells and power-ups…

I’d love to say that it’s something more complicated than that, but it really is that simple. That’s not to say that it’s a bad thing, though; we’ve all seen games that were a whole shedload of fun precisely because they were simple, and this appear to be one of them. So, yeah, I reckon it look to be worth checking out, although bear in mind that it’s not been optimised for the iPhone 5’s wider screen, so you will get black bars on either side of the gameplay window.

If you can live with that (or if you’ve got an iPhone 4S), then ye’re sorted!

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