Finally! A mini-robot to clean your phone’s screen!

Takara-Tomy are obsessed with robots. You might not know this, but while Transformers toys are made by Hasbro in the Western world, in Japan, they’re made by Takara-Tomy. Robots is kinda their thing, right? So, with that in mind, here’s the Automee-S, a miniature robot cleaner for your mobile phone’s screen (and yes, the video’s a bit dinky, innit)…

‘Tis a bit like a Roomba, isn’t it? AS you can see in the video, though, it’s been shrinkified, so that it’s small enough to be used on your tablets or your smartphones (like the iPhone 5, ‘cos that’s what the phone in the video looks like). But here’s the question: would you want to?

Y’see, it worries me that the terms and conditions for the Automee-S (which is currently only available in Japan, with no sign of a release date over here) include a disclaimer saying that Takara-Tomy doesn’t take responsibility for damage to your device, and that always makes me think that it’s possible it could cause damage to your device.

I’m not saying it will, but that kind of disclaimer distresses me.

And then, of course, there’s the other fact: most modern phones, like the Samsung Galaxy Note II or the disturbingly powerful Sony Xperia Z, have oleophobic coatings on their screens. They’re specifically designed to be easier to clean. Hell, I’ve done it with my phone; you get a few smears on it, you wipe it with a cloth, and the smears are gone. It’s literally that easy. I don’t particularly need a mini robot to clean it, quite frankly.

Still kinda cool, of course, because it’s a robot.

It’s just a bit pointless…

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