Epic mid-range showdown – Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Vs. HTC One SV

Y’know what? It’s been ages since I did a showdown like this. Sure, I’ve done showdowns between apps, but not one between two phones, for quite some considerable time (not since May, in fact). So, I reckon it’s time I rectified that, but since there’s been no big headline grabbers released since the Samsung Galaxy Note II, I’m going to have to spread my net a bit wider.

So therefore, I’m doing an epic showdown of epicness between two mid-range phones; in one corner, there’s the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and in the other, we’ve got the HTC One SV; but which one is better? There’s only one way to find out…


Well, let’s consider the design, and the looks, of the two phones, first, and I’m not going to beat about the bush, here; despite me being a massive fan of HTC, the Samsung is the better looking phone. See, it’s very much a scaled down version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is a good thing, but the problem with the HTC One SV is that it’s not a scaled down version of the HTC One X. It looks a bit too rounded off and puffed up, so I can’t honestly say I like its looks.

So, how about the specs?

That situation’s not repeated with the hardware specs, though, because the HTC One SV has got a slightly faster processor (1.2GHz instead of 1GHz) and a bigger screen (4.3 inches instead of 4 inches). It’s also got Beats Audio built in, and more importantly (and shockingly for a mid-ranger), it’s got 4G LTE too, so when it comes to hardware specs, the One SV wins hands down. However, when it comes to software, the situation’s reversed again (for now, anyway), ‘cos the Galaxy S3 Mini comes with Jelly Bean out of the box, and the One SV doesn’t. That advantage won’t last forever, though, ‘cos the One SV is due to get an update to Jelly Bean, too, so that’ll nullify the Samsung’s software advantage nicely.

So, which one is best?

Well, in terms of specs, the HTC One SV is the clear winner, simply because it’s got LTE built in, but, and this is important, how big a deal is that right now, really, when you get right down to it? There’s only about ten cities where LTE’s currently supported, so having a phone with it built in isn’t that useful, unless you actually live or work in one of those cities. It still has better specs, but they’re not vastly better than the Samsung.

Also, the simple fact, right, is that the One SV is uglier than the Galaxy S3 Mini, so there’s also that…

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