Britain seems to be tearing itself apart – what part have mobiles played?

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Every now and then, a story comes along that is so mind-blowingly big, that you just know everyone reading will have already heard about it. Given that this is easily the biggest news in the country for weeks, and given that mobile phones are involved, I can’t not talk about it. Let’s not beat about the bush, you all know I’m talking about the riots that have turned parts of London into a warzone, and that have spilled over across the entire country, in some of the most sickening displays of violence I’ve ever seen in this country.

From the point of view of this blog, there’s a legitimate reason for me to be discussing it, as mentioned by the BBC: what part have mobile phones played in the ongoing civil insurrection?

There’s been talk of the rioters (or SFAs, as I have taking to calling them… SFA of course standing for Scumbag F*****g Animals) organising things via Twitter, Facebook and the BBM service on Blackberry phones, and I don’t doubt for one second that has happened, even if it’s just SFAs showing off their latest haul. But that doesn’t mean technology is to blame, as some people have been suggesting. No, I tend to support a different idea.

There’s also been talk of how the SFAs are “disaffected youths”, and while I agree that’s true, that doesn’t get to the heart of it, for me. Nor is it a race thing; the SFA horde is made of young people from all creeds, and both genders. None of those explain the sickening displays of violence we’ve seen over the last four days, with the rioters smashing and grabbing what they can, and burning the rest. Like everyone else, I watched the news reports of Reeves Corner in Croydon being destroyed, and what really rammed it home to me is that I know people near Croydon, and in Liverpool and London themselves.

No, this isn’t some peaceful protest, out to make a point. This is a pack of animals, out for anything they can get, to break and destroy. This is scumbags who want the shinies without earning any coin to pay for the shinies, and playing the victim, because they’re an oppressed mass. I heard the interviews on the BBC; they may be disaffected, and they may come from deprived areas or upbringings, but they aren’t interested in bettering themselves. They want no part of civilisation; they want to destroy, to ruin lives, to bring everyone else down to their chidlish, pathetic level, and while they’re at it, they want the newest, blingest phones, consoles and TVs without giving anything back.

They are, in short, scum.

That’s why it’s a good job, for them, that I’m not running the country, because after seeing the scenes on the news, and talking to my friends who live near those areas (which now look like warzones), my first response would be to drive them into the sea.

So, no. Technology is not to blame, and in fact, technology is going to allow me to end this blog post, after all the hate (and it is hate, I loathe the SFAs doing this, regardless of where they come from, or who they are… the second you stop caring about people’s lives is the second that I propose you should be driven into the sea) I’ve just spewed.

Y’see, Twitter and Facebook are responsible for our first rays of hope in this crisis, where people have organised clean-up campaigns. Real people, like Charles Jupiter, on the streets, saying, “Not in my city.”

Britain will get through this. We will ride this storm, we will come out the other side, and we will rebuild what the animals smash. We will never give up, and we will do ourselves proud.

Mark my words.

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