Audible audio-book player comes to Windows Phone

Right then, I’ve often heard it said that e-books will eventually take over from traditional paper books. It’s usually followed up by other people making arguments saying that’s a bad thing, and that it will lead to the fall of civilisation. You get used to that happening, after a while (it’s the average luddite reaction), but what they forget is that if it happens, it will actually lead to paper books becoming even more prized and special, thanks to their rarity.

Besides, audio-books haven’t killed off paper books, and that leads us nicely on to the topic of this post; according to WinSuperSite, the Audible audio-book player is coming to Windows Phones! Yup, you’re about to get your very audio-book player, and that is brilliant… 

Basically, it seems as though it works in much the same way as the standard music player on phones like the Nokia Lumia 800, with each chapter being like each song on an album. The big difference, though, is that you can bookmark any point in the story, so that next time, you can pick up where you left off.

Oh, and it seems as thought it’s got some kind of a store-front in there, for you to also buy audio-books through your Windows phone.

So, if you’ve got a Windows phone (or if you’re planning on getting a Windows phone like the Nokia Lumia 900, but need a bit of an extra incentive to get one), then the Audible app is for you. There’s no set release date yet, but keep ’em peeled, ‘cos it can’t be too far away.

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