At last, a card-based game that lets you play as a zombie, on your iPhone!

Seriously, isn’t that just the thing everyone has been waiting for? How have we managed with that? Oh alright, alright, I’ll stop being sarcastic. It’s just that I’ve never really got the appeal of card-based games. I’ve witnessed, first-hand, people who play things like Magic: The Gathering, and I still, for the life of me, can’t work out the appeal.

All I can sit there thinking is that it’s Top Trumps, like what I played when I was 7, but exponentially more expensive. But anyway, if you’re into these card-based games, more power to ya, and you might be in luck, ‘cos there’s a new one out for iOS devices like the iPhone 4S.

Only this one has a bit of a twist… 

Y’see, it’s called Zombie Jombie, and the twist is that you’re basically playing it from the side of the zombies, who’re trying to defend Earth from  the evil, destructive humans. Which is a novel idea, I guess, if a little, well, weird. Basically, you play as some omnipotent being called Jombie, who raise armies of the undead to do battle, through the medium of, er, cards, presumably.

Like, injuring humans with maaaaaaaany paper-cuts? Is that how it works?

Anyway, it’s one of these Free To Play apps, so the actual base game won’t cost you anything, because creator GREE are hoping you’ll give them money via in-app purchases, which allow you to buy virtual currency, to upgrade and equip your card-based zombie horde. Other than that, I don’t have an awful lot to say, because as I believe I made clear, card-based games like this just end up baffling me.

Oh, and it’s only available on iOS, so don’t expect to play this (at least not yet) if you’ve getting something like the HTC One X.

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