As it arrives on Google Play, it’s time to ask – what is Instagram?

Right then, I’ve heard about an app called Instagram before, from when it appeared on iOS devices like the iPhone 4S. However, I never bothered to find out what it was, or what it actually did, other than that is somehow involved photos. And it had convinced hipsters all round the world that they could actually take photos that were all artistic and deep, and all that nonsense.

However, it’s now popped up on Google Play, so perhaps I’d better start taking an interest, and ask the important question: what, actually, when you get down to it, is Instagram? Is it just a tool for hipsters to pretend that they’re not mainstream, or does it have some merit? Well, read on, and let’s find out… 

At its most basic, what it is, right, is a photo sharing app. It’s basically designed to let you share your photos with your mates, though social networks like Facebook, Flickr, and so on. However, it’s got one big gimmick, in that it lets you apply filters to them, that make them look, basically, like old photos, and that’s why it’s so beloved of hipsters all round the globe.

Y’know, ‘cos of not being mainstream, and all that.

Thing is, though, I know of several photographers who absolutely loathe Instagram, and everything it stands for, because of the sheer proliferation of photos that aren’t actually that good, but that people keep saying are art, just because they look old. To be honest, that’s a fair point, because making a photo look blurry doesn’t mean it’s going to have things like good composition, and so on, but hey, that’s the democratisation of technology for ya.

Instagram is available for Android devices, such as the HTC One X (which has an awesome camera, by all accounts), now…

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