Apparently, ZTE’s unveiling its Firefox OS phone at MWC 2013

ZTE’s on a right proper meteoric rise at the minute, so they are. Coming from inauspicious beginnings (since everyone in the world still, to some extent, thinks that Chinese phones are just clones of other, betterer phones), they’ve gone to sell enough hardware to put them in the top 5 phone manufacturers, in the entire world. They’re also, as has been known for a while, going to be making a phone that runs on the new, fledgling Firefox OS.

And now, according to Engadget, we know when they’re going to unveil it. Yep, it’s apparently going to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, happening next month in Barcelona. No surprise there since, y’know, it’s MWC. But here’s the big question: what will the phone be like?

I hate to use the same old line again, but I have no idea. Nobody, in fact, has any idea. Well, except ZTE, of course, and they ain’t telling. All they’ve given out, so far, is the Twitter hashtag for their MWC event, although given that the hashtag’s #ZTEMozilla, it seems pretty categorical that it is a Firefox phone. We just don’t know what it’ll be like.

However, can we make some predictions?

The thing is, right, that the two Firefox phones that’ve been announced so far have been… hmm, let’s just say that despite what Mozilla said, they were resolutely mid-range. They certainly weren’t going to worry the likes of Sony, or HTC, or the massive colossus of a juggernaut that is Samsung, and it seems fair, to me, to assume that the ZTE Firefox phone will be another mid-ranger.

We shall find out for sure next month…

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