Apparently, iOS 7 is giving some users motion sickness

Ah, iOS 7. The first major redesign to the platform what powers the iPhone range in… well, ever, to be honest. Gone was the skeuomorphism that everyone online seems to whinge about at the drop of a hat these days, replaced by a new, flat design, although they added in a new parallax effect on the background, that moves wallpapers about a bit as you move your phone, to make it look like the icons are floating in mid-air on top of it.

There’s just one problem, though; according to Redmond Pie, the new animation effects in iOS 7 are, apparently, giving people motion sickness.

Okay, that’s a new one on me; so, what’s occurring, then?

Well, what’s mostly been occurring is me being completely baffled, in much the same way that I got baffled when people said that Cloverfield gave them motion sickness, or that some video games give them motion sickness. Y’see, I watched a video on Youtube, that a user had uploaded, talking about this very problem, saying that she downloaded iOS 7 onto her iPod Touch (yes, I know it’s not an iPhone 5c or even last year’s iPhone 5, but iOS 7 is still the same on there, so the point still stands), and it was making her sick.

I assumed it was that aforementioned parallax effect that was making her feel ill. Apparently I was wrong…

No, she said that what was making her feel sick was the zooming animations, when you go into or out of an app, or when you go onto the not-at-all-stolen-from-WebOS’s-or-Android’s-card-view-honest-guvnor multitasking screen. And that’s what baffles me, because while I can understand people getting motion sickness from Cloverfield even though I didn’t, and while I can even understand how the parallax effect could maaaaaaaaaaaybe cause the same thing (‘cos parallax is evil, as DC comics taught us; yup, still reading them, thanks), I’m utterly baffled as to how an app expanding to fill the screen can cause the same effect, when Android, Windows Phone and even Windows 7 all have similar transitions.

That’s not to say that I don’t believe people are suffering (and I’m not going to make jokes about Android users being made of sterner stuff, either, so get that idea out of your heads); I just don’t understand how it can happen, ‘cos I’ve never experienced it ever (except in a car, when I was a wee nipper, of course, ‘cos it’s the duty of every kid ever to throw up in their dad’s car at some point in their lives).

So, perhaps the easiest way to solve the problem is for Apple to punt out an update, allowing users to turn off transition animations altogether. People who like them can leave them on, people who don’t can turn them off completely.

Problem solved, then!


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