ANOTHER rumoured design for the Samsung Galaxy S III appears online

Well, now, today is an odd day. I step out for a couple of hours, and when I get there’s not one, but two new rumoured designs for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III. Daniella wrote about the first one on our news section, earlier, and now, it’s my turn, with the second one. Which has different specs.

Y’see, the original rumour said that Samsung were ramping up production on screens for the phone, and that those screens were coming in at around the 4.65 inch mark. The second rumour, however, comes courtesy of IntoMobile, and speaks of a phone with a 4.8 inch 720p HD screen. Oh, but that ain’t all: it also shows what the new phone might actually look like…

The big surprise, if the pic is accurate, is that it looks nothing like the Samsung Galaxy S II. That phone had a more squared-off body, while this beastie looks to be a lot curvier. It also looks like it has a full metal body, with a screen that goes almost edge to edge, with only the merest hint of a bezel round it.

So, in other words, if this is accurate, the Samsung Galaxy S III is going to look gorgeous.

Oh, and if the rumour is accurate, we now also know when the phone will be officially unveiled. May 22nd, apparently. Mark it in your diaries, ‘cos I reckon this is one phone ye don’t want to miss…

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