Android’s Photo Sphere may well be the coolest camera feature I’ve ever seen

Right then, when Google first announced the latest version of Android (Android 4.2… still called Jelly Bean, though), I became a teeny little bit obsessed with one of the features therein. That feature was Photo Sphere, and at the time, I described it as pure, weapons-grade win (while simultaneously, as always, hoping like hell that it wouldn’t be long till it lands on my HTC One X).

At that time, though, there weren’t very many examples of Photo Sphere in action (and by not very many, I mean there was one, in the Youtube video introducing the feature). That has now changed, though, because Google’s Hugo Barra has uploaded a Google+ gallery of Photo Spheres, and it’s fair to say that it’s got me grinning like an idiot, ‘ere…

As you may have guessed from that gushing preamble, I’m completely in love with the idea of Photo Sphere, before I’ve even got to fiddle about with it myself. Sure, you may not use it that often, but being able to, essentially, make your own Street View images is very, very win. Imagine it, right: you go off wandering to some famous monument or something (let’s go with Idol Rock in Yorkshire, since it was on Look North yesterday), with your Samsung Galaxy S3 (if that phone gets the update that includes Photo Sphere, of course… or there’s always the LG Nexus 4), and instead of just taking one static photo, you can take an entire 360 degree panoramic Street View-style globe type picture.

Oh, and I keep saying Street View for two reason: 1/ the panoramic shots sometimes have that same wibbly, ‘broken reality’ quality that Street View images often have, and which I find infinitely endearing (hence why I didn’t whinge about wibbly, broken reality images in Apple Maps on the iPhone 5); and 2/ according to the marketing, you can upload your panoramas to Google Maps.

That’s just cool.

Meanwhile, I’ve actually thought of one instance where this feature would get used by one of my family; y’see, my sister is obsessed with taking photos of every room in every holiday cottage we ever stay in. I can totally see her loving the idea of taking full panoramas of every room, instead.

So, I found a use for it! Yay, me!

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