Android Market – the new home of the free app

Right then, here’s an interesting bit of research, courtesy of Distimo. According to research they’ve one, the app store that has the biggest selection of free apps is (unlike previously, where it was the Apple App Store) the Android Market, with 134,342 free application thingummies. The one on the iPhone 4 and its ilk (but only phones, not the iPad) currently has 121,845 free apps.

And I’m going to make a controversial stand here, and say that in both cases, with both Android and iOS, I bet a lot of those free apps are only free because no-one of sound mind and body would ever actually give money over for the damn things.

Oh yeah, I went there…

Of course, that’s not to say that all free apps are useless. Google themselves are always chucking free apps onto the Android Market, and there do seem to be some pretty cool ones out there for the HTC Desire HD and its compatriots. But there is also a lot of rubbish, in the same way that the Apple App Store has a lot of fart apps. Still, the research does indicate one other fact: when it comes to apps, there are definitely two platforms out there that utterly dominate every other, and that’s Android and iOS.

In terms of apps, anyway. In terms of “being used in phones I like”, Android wins thanks to handsets like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, since the number of iOS devices I like can be counted on the fingers of one foot…

Also, kudos to GetJar, with their selection of free Java apps, because for a free Java app store to appear alongside the big boys (and even beat Windows Phone 7) is quite an achievement!

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