Android Kindle app updated with Send-To-Kindle feature

Do you like reading? Of course ye do, everyone likes reading, right? Do you use the Amazon Kindle app on your Android phone? Well, if not, you should really try it, ‘cos it’s brilliant. I’ve become a huge fan of the Kindle recently, and now, the Android Kindle app has got that little bit better, ‘cos Amazon have updated it with a new feature, called Send-To-Kindle.

So, what’s that, then? Well, quite simply, it lets you send documents to your Send-To-Kindle email address, which pushes them to the device, and lets you view those documents on your phone, with the Kindle app. Oh, and a copy is stored in the cloud, as well, as a back-up. You may now be asking why that’s useful, though…

Well, for example, say that you’re proofreading a novel that your mate’s writing (which I’ll be doing soon, so it naturally popped in there as an example), with the intention of eventually publishing it on the Kindle Store. I’d imagine that being able to read it on the same device that I’ll eventually be buying it on (the HTC One X, in my case) could be quite useful. Even without going that far, if you just use for viewing spreadsheets on your phone, it could still be useful.

Also, the Kindle app is free, so it’s not like you’re losing out on any money, and this new update also adds in a shedload of comics, illustrated children’s books, and graphic novels, so it’s not just about the Send-To-Kindle feature.

Hmm, I think I might have to recommend my mate with the Samsung Galaxy S II get this app, if he hasn’t already. The sci-fi section on the Kindle Store looks pretty well stocked, and he’s a nerd; bit of a no-brainer, really, come to think of it. Also, I will just point out that writing this post has just made me want my One X even more. Maybe it’s time to start my “make HTC feel so much pity for me that they send me a free HTC One X” campaign.

Can’t see that one working, somehow…

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