And now, you can buy all the Harry Potter books on your smartphone

I am on record as saying that I love e-books. I’ve had many long conversations (well, alright, arguments) with people (really, really annoyingly technophobic and pretentious people, or as I call them, luddite idiots), who say that e-books are evil. You know the drill, some new technology comes out, and people clamour to be the first to decry it, usually to try and show how vast and non-mainstream their brains are.

Anyway, the point is, e-books are not bad. They are, in fact, awesome. They’re good for writers (who can avoid legacy publishers altogether and get fantastic royalties through the Amazon Kindle) and they’re good for consumers (they pay less per book, so they can afford more books)…

And it’s not just me who thinks that, because one of the world’s most famous current authors has jumped on the e-book bandwagon. Yup, it’s J.K. Rowling, and she’s finally made the entire Harry Potter series available as both e-books and digital audiobooks (read by the ever wonderful Stephen Fry), through the brand new Pottermore Shop.

So, if you’ve got, for example, the Kindle app on your Sony Xperia S (or pretty much any e-reader software on any phone or tablet), or the new Audible audiobook app on your Nokia Lumia 800, then you can finally experience the world of Harry Potter, Hagrid, He-who-must-not-be-named, and Hogwarts on your mobile phone.

Also, it’s yet more validation of e-books as a format, and yet another weapon to use against luddite idiots.

Therefore, win…

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