Amazon Kindle app finally updated to support Windows Phone 8

Right then. Ebooks. I love ’em. I love ’em because I can carry my phone about, with an entire library of reading material stored inside. I love ’em because I can get books that are quite often cheaper than their paper counterparts, and which aren’t going to get ripped (I think I’m haunted by an annoyingly philistine poltergeist). I love ’em because there’s a whole ton of free ebooks on Amazon, by unknown writers, some of which are really quite good.

And I love ’em because I’m one of those unknown writers on Amazon. So, I’m all for more people having access to ebooks, and according to Engadget, that’s now become the case, ‘cos Amazon’s Kindle app has now been updated to support Windows Phone 8…

So, if you’re rocking something like the HTC 8X, then you’re in for a treat, ‘cos you can now get the Kindle app on your phone! Well, in theory, you’re in for a treat, anyway, if not in practice, ‘cos it’s being reported that the app, in a lot of cases, either won’t open, or will crash immediately after opening it.

But hey, y’know, growing pains and all that!

It’s worth sticking with, though, ‘cos when it’s working properly, it’s awesome. There’s a very good reason why I said that the Kindle app is one of my absolute, top, ‘you must get this, no matter what‘ apps, y’see, and it’s quite simply because books are awesome. Reading is awesome. Being able to do it on the device you also make phone calls on is equally awesome (‘cos all those worries I had about getting eyestrain from an LCD screen were, I’ve since realised, unfounded).

Naturally the app’s been built to fit in with the design ethos of Windows phones like the Nokia Lumia 920, so basically, what I’m saying, right, is fill yer boots.

Even if Amazon still needs to fix the app…

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