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Windows Phone has REALLY zealous fans, and it’s Microsoft’s own fault

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Right then, I was reading an article on PocketNow earlier today, wherein the author theorised that Microsoft’s fans are killing Windows Phone. An intriguing topic for an editorial, I thought, but I have to admit that he does have a point. Reading through comments round the intertubes, I see a lot of Windows Phone fans (although I should note it’s not limited to them; Android and iOS fans do the same thing) going properly mental over what I can only imagine must be some perceived slight in whatever article they’re commenting on.

But why? That’s the big question, right there. Why are some Microsoft fans (and, if it comes down to it, Android and iOS fans) so overzealous? Well, I reckon I might know… Continue reading

Amazon Kindle app finally updated to support Windows Phone 8

Right then. Ebooks. I love ’em. I love ’em because I can carry my phone about, with an entire library of reading material stored inside. I love ’em because I can get books that are quite often cheaper than their paper counterparts, and which aren’t going to get ripped (I think I’m haunted by an annoyingly philistine poltergeist). I love ’em because there’s a whole ton of free ebooks on Amazon, by unknown writers, some of which are really quite good.

And I love ’em because I’m one of those unknown writers on Amazon. So, I’m all for more people having access to ebooks, and according to Engadget, that’s now become the case, ‘cos Amazon’s Kindle app has now been updated to support Windows Phone 8… Continue reading

Nokia Lumia phones getting an exclusive game in the shape of Blobster

Right then, we all know that Nokia and Microsoft have got a special relationship, don’t we? It’s well known that they pledged to use Windows Phone on all their smartphones, and in return, they get an unprecedented level of autonomy over what they can do with the platform. So, basically, they can make Windows phones that offer a lot more than every other Windows phone.

And now, according to WPCentral, Nokia’s got a whole new way of differentiating their phones from the competition, ‘cos apparently, they’ve now got an exclusive game, that’s only available on their Lumia range.

So, what’s the crack? Continue reading

HTC were planning a Windows Phone 8 phablet, but now they’re not

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I love the idea of phablets (although it’s possible that it’s simply because I like my phones big). I also love HTC, so the idea of HTC making a phablet is really rather appealing to me, although obviously, I’d prefer it to be running on Android than Windows Phone (‘cos I don’t love Windows Phone).

Some people, though, prefer Windows Phone to Android, and would therefore undoubtedly prefer one running on Microsoft’s baby. It’s rather a shame for those folks, therefore, that according to Bloomberg, HTC ain’t going to be making a Windows-powered phablet.

So, why’s that, then? Continue reading

Nokia adds Ringtone Maker to its Windows 8 phones

I’ve mentioned many times, before today, that the big reason I went with Android (instead of Windows Phone) was the immense customisability of Google mobile OS; basically, I’m completely addicted to fiddling about with my phone, when I get bored, and completely changing the look of it, often purely on a whim. Ye simply can’t do that with Windows Phone, but one thing you can now do is make your own ringtones, directly in the device (provided you’re running a Nokia phone, with Windows Phone 8).

Yes, according to WMPoweruser, Nokia’s just released their new Ringtone Maker app, and it’s destined to let you make your own custom ringtones… Continue reading

So, is the HTC Titan III happening, or is this actually just a typo?

Right then, here’s an interesting bit of potential news. According to WPCentral, Microsoft did a survey on Xbox, recently, and one of the questions in it was about how excited people’d be to get one of the phones on the list. Ye can see the question in that piccie over there, to the right, but the eagle-eyed among you may notice that there’s something a bit out of place on that image. Yup, in amongst big superstar phones like the iPhone 5, that question includes the HTC Titan III. And what’s the problem with that?

The HTC Titan III doesn’t actually exist…

The question is this: is it a case of not existing at all, or is it a case of not existing yet? Continue reading

Rumour appears about Nokia using Android, quickly gets shot down again

Right then, here’s a bit of a minor brouhaha that happened over the weekend, and it’s one that had an absolute ton of people talking about it. Mind you, that’s hardly surprising, because if it were true, it would’ve been very big news indeed. Y’see, there was a posting put online last week, for a job at Nokia, with this as the job title: Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware.

Linux is, of course, what Android is based on…

So, naturally, people went mental, taking it to mean that Nokia were about to start using Android on their phones, which prompted Nokia’s Doug Dawson to jump on his Twitter feed, and shoot the rumour down. So what’s going on? Continue reading

Well, it’s really looking like the old HTC HD2 can run EVERY OS EVER

Right then, if you’ve been a long time reader of this blog, you’ll know that before I got myself an HTC One X, the phone I used every day (and in fact, still use, as my second phone) was the HTC HD2. You may also know that the HTC HD2 has turned out to be one of the single most versatile phones in the entire history of mobile phones, ‘cos it can run just about any OS that you care to put on it.

Well, apart from iOS, obviously.

According to WPCentral, the latest news is that, in addition to being able to run every version of Android (including Jelly Bean), the HD2 can now also run Windows Phone 8, the brand new version that ye find in the Nokia Lumia 920Continue reading

Ooh, look at that, folks, the HTC 8X is now officially available to buy!

Well, there we go then, folks; people have been wondering (well, okay, it’s mostly been me wondering, but it still counts) which of the currently announced Windows Phone 8 devices would be the first to hit the market, and now, we have our answer (and it’s not the big one that a lot of people have been talking about, ‘cos it’s not the Nokia Lumia 920)!

The winner, as in the first Windows Phone 8 beastie to actually hit shelves instead of just being a “Coming Soon” phone, is the HTC 8X. That’s going to be quite a blow for Nokia, that is, but I have to be honest, here, and say that the HTC 8X is, in my opinion, the more appealing phone. it’s just that I think that for a silly reason… Continue reading

What’s this? ZTE are showing off a 5.9 inch Windows phone?

Hmm, now this is an interesting bit of news, if it turns out to be on the level. However, it’s kind of already interesting, because it’s kinda weird. Y’see, according to WMPowerUser, ZTE’s head of market strategy, Lu Qian Hao, has sent a pic to Chinese site Weibo, that shows an as-yet unreleased Windows phone. The kicker, though, is that he also included specs with the photo, and those specs are the interesting, and kinda weird, bit.

Basically, the specs that were passed on mention the phone as having a 5.9 inch screen, even more massive than the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which puts this firmly into phablet territory. However, the specs also include the screen resolution, and that’s where it gets a bit weird… Continue reading