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Nokia Lumia 1320 – awesome budget phablet, or easy pass?

Y’know, there’s something we don’t often see in the mobile world, and that something is a budget phablet. Whenever you see a phablet being launched, you can be pretty certain it’s going to be an uber-powerful beastie like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, rather than a cut-price (but still nice) phablet like the Samsung Galaxy Mega. Because of that, it was a bit of a surprise to see that when they got round to finally announcing a phablet, Nokia actually announced two phablets, and one of them was in fact a budget phablet.

That phone is the Nokia Lumia 1320, it launched alongside its more powerful sibling (the Lumia 1520) and it aims to fit even the most budget-conscious pockets. But is it any good? Continue reading

Nokia announces TWO 6-inch phones, the Lumia 1320 and the Lumia 1520

In the world of big screen superphones, Android’s had the market pretty much to itself, ever since Samsung unveiled the first Galaxy Note. When we’re talking about phones whose screens come in at 5-inches and above, there was nothing on any other platform that could match the big screen brilliance of big hitters like the Sony Xperia Z1 or the LG G2 (and they’re small, compared to the biggest phones out there, the so-called ‘phablets’).

Now, though, Nokia’s aiming to redress that balance, ‘cos they’ve just announced not one but two new phones, and both of ’em have got a 6-inch screen. Yes, after weeks and weeks of rumours, the Nokia Lumia 1520 has finally shown its face in an official stylee… Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 625 officially unveiled – big screen action at a mid-range price

Well here we go, folks; another day, another phone gets officially unveiled, and this time, it’s the turn of Nokia to show off their latest handset. After the launch of the Nokia Lumia 1020 a little while back (a phone that has the best mobile camera ever, bar none, but which has a couple of glaring issues that keep it from true greatness), it’s time for something a little different.

Well, alright, not that different.

It’s still a Windows phone, it’s got the Lumia branding, and it still looks like a curvier version of the Nokia Lumia 920, so perhaps ‘different’ isn’t the right word. Still, whatever the case, say hello to the Nokia Lumia 625… Continue reading

So, what’s all this about the Nokia EOS PureView Lumia phone, then?

Right then, do you remember when the Nokia 808 PureView was released? It was, without question, the single best camera phone that’s ever been made, but there was a bit of a problem with it. That problem was that Nokia built it to run on Symbian, thus making it look a bit rubbish next to the wealth of top-end smartphones out there, even with that phenomenal camera. In fact, for many people, it was a complete deal breaker, and that included every single UK network, ‘cos none of ’em sold it.

Imagine, though, if a PureView camera turned up on a phone running a modern smartphone OS; according to GSMArena (amongst others), that’s actually going to happen, in the shape of a phone codenamed the Nokia EOS… Continue reading

Microsoft allegedly DID want to buy Nokia, but talks broke down

Y’know, there’s a been rumours that Microsoft were planning on buying Nokia, right from the very first moment that Nokia announced they’d be using Windows Phone for all of their smartphones. Of course, there was always the slight problem that there’s never been a shred of actual evidence for that assertion, but it’s such an attractive theory, ain’t it? Like all the best conspiracy theories, it just seems so plausible, right?

Well now, according to the WSJ, there’s a new rumour, saying that Microsoft did in fact want to buy Nokia, but that it’s now not happening.

Annnnd that means that the question, as always, is this: truth or cobblers? Continue reading

Halo: Spartan Assault on its way to Windows Phone 8

Right then, hands up everyone who’s heard of Halo. Even though I can’t actually see you, I bet a lot of you have just put your hands up, right? Now keep those hands up if you’ve longed for a Halo game on yer phone. Well, even though I can’t see you, you’re in luck, because Halo: Spartan Assault is coming soon, to Windows Phone 8 devices…

Yes, if you’ve got something like the Nokia Lumia 920 then ye’re in luck, ‘cos the game will be available to buy in July. So, what’s the crack? Continue reading

Xbox One to be tightly integrated with Windows Phone? I still won’t buy one

[The opinions expressed in the blog post are entirely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of]

Well I’ll ya this, the internet was all a-flutter last week, after the unveiling of the Xbox One. I’m going to get onto that in a second (oh believe me, am I ever going to get onto that, which is why I’ve put this in ‘Rants’), but the news that relates to remit of this blog is that, according to PCMag, Microsoft’s dropped a rather big hint about tightly the new Xbox One console will be tied with Windows Phone.

Whether that means it’ll be tied to Xbox Live on Windows phones, or whether it means it’ll be tied to the Smart Glass app (which is also available on Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4) is uncertain (although I bet it’s the former), but it makes little difference. Why? ‘Cos I’ll never buy an Xbox OneContinue reading

New Windows Phone ad has a pop at Android and iOS users

[The opinions expressed in the blog post are entirely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of]

And here we go again; another day, another bit of advertising designed not to show how good someone’s own product is, but instead, to slag off the opposition. Well, actually, in this case, it’s to slag off the opposition’s users. Yes, it’s a new ad for the Nokia Lumia 920 that… well, see for yourself…

Riiiiiiiiight. You remember how I did a post a couple of months ago about how Windows Phone has some really overzealous fans, and that it’s Microsoft’s own fault? Yeah, adverts like that are why… Continue reading

Microsoft VP moans about Android, starts trotting out conspiracy theories

[The opinions expressed in the blog post are entirely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of]

Y’know, I’m quite sure that I’ve had a good old mither about companies deciding to market themselves by slagging off the competition. You see it all the time, and it gets right up my nose, so it does; every time I see it, I can’t help but think that the parents of whoever’s doing the slagging off didn’t raise their kids properly. Apple does it all the time, even HTC has done it, and now, apparently, it’s time for Microsoft to have another pop at their arch-nemesis.

The guy’s name is Terry Myerson, he’s the Microsoft VP in charge of Windows Phone, and he’s been interviewed by AllThingsD.

So, what’s he been saying? Continue reading

i-mate to rise from the ashes and make a phone with full-fat Windows 8?

Blimey, there’s a name I’ve not heard in chuffing ages! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may remember me going all squiffy over a little phone called the i-mate Centurion, waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the mists of prehistory (well, 2009 actually); it was a gorgeous, credit card-sized Windows Mobile phone, and I wanted one badly. However, I never got the chance to play with one, because basically, i-mate went down the swanny.

Except they didn’t, and there’s a rumour going about right now (as reported on by Engadget), saying that i-mate are back!

Oh, and if it’s true, the rumour’s actually a lot more intriguing than ye might think… Continue reading