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Samsung Galaxy S5 review – not a revolution, but what an evolution!

Samsung Galaxy S5 - not a revolution, but what an evolution!Like clockwork, the year after the release of their best flagship phone ever, Samsung goes ahead and releases another flagship that’s even better than last year’s flagship (which is thus toppled from its flagship-perch), and that has a name one number higher. We should be used to it by now, ‘cos it happens every year, and the end results are always brilliant. And now it’s the turn of the new Samsung Galaxy S5, so it’s time to see how good this phone really is… Continue reading

HTC One M8 – The Big MobileShop Review!

HTC One M8 - The Big MobileShop Review!Well folks, here we go. This beastie has been rumoured for months, and after seeing just about every detail of the phone in a leaked stylee, the HTC One M8 has finally gone official, so at long last, we can take a look at what this new superphone is really like. Not that I’m excited or anything, obviously. It’s just that there’s one bit of this phone that goes beyond mere tech specs, ‘cos it’s made of magic and pixie dust. More on that in a sec, but let’s start with… Continue reading

Technical Markus explains 4G

Technical Markus explains 4GI tell ye, you can’t move for news about 4G, these days. Well, alright, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s something that’s slipping more and more into the public consciousness, which is kinda cool except that not everyone actually knows what it is. But then, it took ages for anyone to explain in simple terms what 3G was, when it first arrived (3G was fast data access, simples), so it’s hardly surprising that the exact same thing has happened this time, too.

And so, I reckon it’s about time I did a a nice, handy-dandy guide to 4G, to explain what it is, what you can use it for, and how you actually get hold of it to use. Let’s do this, shall we…?  Continue reading

And now, the WSJ says the next two iPhones will have bigger screens

Annnnnnnnd here we go again; every time ye think rumours are dying down about Apple making an iPhone with a bigger screen, somebody else comes out and says something that just opens up the whole debate again. Every year, the same rumour crops up, before completely failing to come to pass. We’ve been here countless times before, which tends to make one a bit jaded about the whole thing, and more inclined to call the whole thing a load of old cobblers.

However, there’s a couple of things we need to take into account with today’s incarnation of the rumour. The first is that it’s now being mooted by the Wall Street Journal, but there’s a second thing to consider, too… Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 1320 – awesome budget phablet, or easy pass?

Y’know, there’s something we don’t often see in the mobile world, and that something is a budget phablet. Whenever you see a phablet being launched, you can be pretty certain it’s going to be an uber-powerful beastie like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, rather than a cut-price (but still nice) phablet like the Samsung Galaxy Mega. Because of that, it was a bit of a surprise to see that when they got round to finally announcing a phablet, Nokia actually announced two phablets, and one of them was in fact a budget phablet.

That phone is the Nokia Lumia 1320, it launched alongside its more powerful sibling (the Lumia 1520) and it aims to fit even the most budget-conscious pockets. But is it any good? Continue reading

Jelly Bean is now the most used version of Android in the world

It’s always intriguing to watch the evolution of Android as a platform, and one of the key metrics that people use to measure its impact is the number of phones running on each version of Google’s smartphone platform. It’s not that long ago that most Android phones out there (whether they were made by HTC or Samsung or, er, someone else) were running on Gingerbread, but the world keeps on changin’, and when the change involves newer, more advanced versions of Android, it’s a change for the better.

Now, thanks to Android Developers, we know which version of Android is the most common one ye’ll find in the wild, and let’s not beat about the bush, it’s Jelly Bean… Continue reading

Technical Markus makes his predictions for 2014

Well there we go, folks. Another year is almost over! I tell ye, it’s flown by, so it has; it only feels like yesterday when I was making my predictions for this year, and now, ’tis time for me to make my predictions for 2014.

and then, just like 2013, you can have fun seeing how accurate my predictions end up being. I predict (kinda meta-prediction, that, ain’t it) that they’ll either be really accurate, or not accurate in the slightest, which should serve nicely to widen the betting pool for everyone involved and make it all a lot more fun. Y’know, if you’re having a sweepstake on it.

So, anyway, what’s gon’ happen in 2014? Continue reading

Technical Markus’s Top Three Phones Of 2013

Well, folks, another year’s almost up. Soon, it’ll pass from this mortal coil as we all embrace 2014, and become an ex-annum. Now that we’re into the very last week of 2013, I reckon it’s about time I did a bit of a run-down of the year, although this one is going to be a bit different to last year’s, ‘cos it’s not a full review of the year, this time. No, I’ve decided to do something entirely positive this time round!

I’m now waiting for people to say this means I won’t be talking about the iPhone 5c.

No sirree, what I’ve decided to do this year, since it’s been a bumper year for new stuff, is a list of my personal choices for the top 3 phones of 2013. So, let’s begin with… Continue reading

‘Feel At Home’ – things like this are why Three is awesome

This might sound odd, given that my phone is a T-Mobile phone (they had a deal running when I was ready to buy my phone, so there), but I reckon Three is easily one of the best networks in the UK, and there’s a very simple reason for that, quite apart from the fact that I still have fond memories of their really weird TV advert, the one with the singing cherry (I suspect you had to be there).

The reason is that they keep on doing awesome things, that properly benefit us consumers, and now, they’ve an awesome thing even, er, awesomer; basically, according to IntoMobile, they’ve expanded their ‘Feel At Home’ service, effectively scrapping international roaming fees in even more countries… Continue reading

Geeksphone Revolution will dual-boot between Android and Firefox OS

Well folks, I did a post about Sailfish OS (and the first phone to use it, the Jolla phone) last week, so this week, I reckon it’s about time I did another post about Firefox OS. Y’know, because in spite of it not having landed in the UK yet, I really love what I’ve seen of it so far. However, having said that, I’ve also made it really clear that my favourite smartphone platform is Android. Oh, how I wish there was a phone that dual-booted between the two platforms!

What’s that? IntoMobile is reporting that the Geeksphone Revolution is on its way, and that it will dual-boot between Android and Firefox OS? Thanks, invisible blog presence, who I just made up to make that joke work! Continue reading