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iOS 7 unveiled – after 6 years, iOS FINALLY gets a redesign

[The opinions expressed in the blog post are entirely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of]

Yes, after being rumoured for months, we’ve finally seen what the new redesign of iOS looks like, and as expected, it’s a lot ‘flatter’. Y’know, ‘cos the whole world seems to have gone into some kind of weird bandwagon-jumping mode and all decided, at the exact same moment, that skeuomorphs are bad, bad, evil things, and that they must be purged.

The results of the redesign are, in my not at all humble opinion, a little bit odd, because I’m getting a weird sense of deja vu as I look at what’s being unveiled. You know that the more rabid Apple fanatics are going to hail this as something new and revolutionary (and possibly magical), but I have to say that what I’m seeing here all looks a bit hauntingly familiar… Continue reading

New Windows Phone ad has a pop at Android and iOS users

[The opinions expressed in the blog post are entirely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of]

And here we go again; another day, another bit of advertising designed not to show how good someone’s own product is, but instead, to slag off the opposition. Well, actually, in this case, it’s to slag off the opposition’s users. Yes, it’s a new ad for the Nokia Lumia 920 that… well, see for yourself…

Riiiiiiiiight. You remember how I did a post a couple of months ago about how Windows Phone has some really overzealous fans, and that it’s Microsoft’s own fault? Yeah, adverts like that are why… Continue reading

So, is there really a budget iPhone on the way, this time?

There’s been rumblings, for absolutely yonks, that Apple would eventually release a budget iPhone, presumably to try and take on the likes of the mid-range, Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. The same rumour seems to get trotted out every single year, and up until now, it’s been complete cobblers. Every single time.

Today’s rumour, courtesy of Tactus, is a bit different, however. This time, the rumour comes with a photo attached, which purports to actually show the body shell of this possibly mythical, unicorn-like budget iPhone, in the flesh.

So, therefore, it’s time once again to ask that question: is this real or cobblers? Continue reading

Apparently, Samsung makes simpler-to-understand phones than Apple

Hmm, now there’s a thing. Y’know how the iPhone range has consistently been cited as being simpler to use than Android phones? And y’know how even Android fans sometimes admit that there’s some truth to that statement? Even I, the inveterate Android fan and loather of all things Apple, have had to admit many times that iOS is an intuitive interface, and also, that it probably has less of a learning curve for first time smartphone buyers than an Android phone would.

Well apparently, that’s not the case any more, ‘cos a new survey’s been done by Siegel+Gale (pdf link), and it states that the Galaxy range of phones, made by Samsung, is in fact simpler than the iPhone. So yeah, what’s the crack? Continue reading

Survey – Apple isn’t as ‘inspiring’ these days

[The opinions expressed in the blog post are entirely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of]

Now then, here’s an interesting thing. Y’know how Apple tends to have possibly the most loyal fans in the entire spacetime continuum, and how it’s because Apple manage to give off this vibe that their gear is just cool, and something people want to own? It’s been called the reality distortion field before and it’s served Apple well, but now, it’s starting to sound like that distortion field might be starting to fail.

According to BBC News, consultancy firm Added Value has done a survey about “inspiring” brands, and they’ve found that Apple, apparently, just ain’t as inspiring as it used to be.

So, what’s going on? Continue reading

Photoshop Touch lands on Android and iOS smartphones!

A while back, Adobe released a new app for tablets, that made me go all squiffy. That app was Photoshop Touch, and I was amazed to see that the world’s most well-known image editing program was coming to mobile devices (until I realised that it’s not full-fat Photoshop, it’s basically Photoshop Elements; still cool, but not as cool as seeing CS6 on a mobile device would be).

Well, except for one crucial fact: when I say mobile devices, I of course mean “tablets only”.

Today is a good day, though, because according to Adobe’s blog, Photoshop Touch has stopped being a tablet-exclusive. Yes, it’s s now available for smartphones! Continue reading

Whoops! Apple’s only gone and lost their iPhone trademark battle in Brazil

Ahhhhhh, schadenfreude is such a wonderful thing, especially when it’s combined with a nice hint of laser-guided karma, and someone being hoisted by their own petard. When said someone is Apple, and when the story involves them losing legal battle, the karma is particularly laser-guided.

Yes, the story (according to the BBC) is that Apple’s been involved in a court case in Brazil, that they’ve lost; it’s a big’n too, because the thing that was being fought over was the iPhone name itself! That’s right, folks; Apple now doesn’t own the trademark on the name ‘iPhone’ in Brazil, ‘cos it’s actually owned by a company called Gradiente Electronica. So, let’s have a look at my favourite court case in history… Continue reading

Ooh look, actual proper official Lego cases for the iPhone!

I’ve made my love of Transformers (as in proper Transformers, that don’t have Michael Bay’s name on them) blatantly obvious on this ‘ere blog, and it’s well known that I’ve been a fan of the franchise since I was six. What you probably don’t know is that Transformers weren’t the only toys I played with when I was a nipper; the other one I spent hours fiddling about with, right, was Lego.

I loved the stuff, and according to CNet, Lego’s about to be brought into the mobile world! Basically, the upshot of that is this: not only am I going to write a positive post with the iPhone 5 in it, but I’m also going to squee like a small child.

So, what’s the crack? Continue reading

Frog Orbs – it’s like Missile Command, if Missile Command had frogs and magic

Hands up everyone who’s old enough to remember Missile Command. Quite a few people raised their hands there, I’d imagine. And now, hands up everyone who always wondered what Missile Command would be like if you played as some kind of frog wizard. Well wonder no more! Frog Orbs has now been released on iOS…

Yes, now you can play as a frog with magical and a collection of orb-y things (so the name’s quite appropriate, really)! Frog Orbs is available now on iOS devices like the iPhone 5, but does it look to be any good? Continue reading

Apple does something REALLY cool for emerging ebook authors

Hold on to your hats, folks, ‘cos I’m about to do a post about Apple that says positive things in it! Yes, I know, I slag Apple off (a lot), but I firmly believe that when someone does something cool, they should be commended for it, no matter who that someone is. So, given that one of the big causes I’m currently trumpeting is that of indie authors publishing ebooks (‘cos I am one), when Apple does something cool for indie authors, I am going to congratulate them.

What we’ve got here is the Breakout Books promotion on the iBookstore, which is, according to Smashwords, giving new, breakout authors a chance to tussle with the established players in the publishing world… Continue reading