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Technical Markus makes his predictions for 2014

Well there we go, folks. Another year is almost over! I tell ye, it’s flown by, so it has; it only feels like yesterday when I was making my predictions for this year, and now, ’tis time for me to make my predictions for 2014.

and then, just like 2013, you can have fun seeing how accurate my predictions end up being. I predict (kinda meta-prediction, that, ain’t it) that they’ll either be really accurate, or not accurate in the slightest, which should serve nicely to widen the betting pool for everyone involved and make it all a lot more fun. Y’know, if you’re having a sweepstake on it.

So, anyway, what’s gon’ happen in 2014? Continue reading

Technical Markus’s Top Three Phones Of 2013

Well, folks, another year’s almost up. Soon, it’ll pass from this mortal coil as we all embrace 2014, and become an ex-annum. Now that we’re into the very last week of 2013, I reckon it’s about time I did a bit of a run-down of the year, although this one is going to be a bit different to last year’s, ‘cos it’s not a full review of the year, this time. No, I’ve decided to do something entirely positive this time round!

I’m now waiting for people to say this means I won’t be talking about the iPhone 5c.

No sirree, what I’ve decided to do this year, since it’s been a bumper year for new stuff, is a list of my personal choices for the top 3 phones of 2013. So, let’s begin with… Continue reading

Ooh look, Qualcomm’s gone and made a smartwatch with a Mirasol screen

I’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions how I reckon that Mirasol screens are brilliant. I don’t necessarily think they’ll replace traditional smartphone screens (because they just won’t, ever; we won’t see a future version of the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a Mirasol screen on, I’ll tell ye that), but as far as the technology itself goes, it’s damnably intriguing.

What’s even more intriguing is that Qualcomm’s now gone and put a Mirasol screen in a smartwatch; I’ve been meaning to talk about this since I first read the story on TheSmartwatchReview, but I somehow never got round to it.

So, let’s rectify that, right now… Continue reading

Official – the European Commission is planning to end roaming fees

[The opinions expressed in the blog post are entirely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of]

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, is awesome. Seriously, she keeps coming out and saying utterly brilliant things about the future of telecoms in Europe, and I can’t help but have immense respect for her; it’s also always useful, of course, that the things she comes out with are prime fodder for me to be able to shout at Euro-sceptics, and go, “See? Good to be in the EU!

So, what’s happened now? Well, an EU Press Release has laid it out in no uncertain terms: the European Commission wants to scrap roaming fees, and now, they’ve put forward a concrete proposal for actually doing so!

So, what’s the crack? Continue reading

In the UK, Google Glass usage may end up being banned while driving

I’ve talked about that thorny issue of ‘using mobile phones while ye’re driving’ a few times before, and my opinion has always been that it’s a good idea to not let people do it; that may be because I’ve nearly been wiped out gawd knows how many times, by people who were making a passing attempt (and failing) at driving while they were on the blower.

So, yes, using the likes of the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4 is verboten, when ye’re driving.

However, it looks like they won’t be the only things on the banned list, ‘cos according to Stuff, the UK government is mulling over a ban on using Google Glass while driving… Continue reading

I want wearable computing to look like something from an 80s B-movie…

[The opinions expressed in the blog post are entirely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of]

Today has been a bit of a slow news day, all things considered, so I reckon I’m going to do something a bit different in today’s post. Y’see, I just read an article about Google Glass, Google’s smart glasses, and I finally realised something; specifically, I finally realised why I’m less than excited about it, even though the tech involved is rather chuffing cool, and not a little scifi-esque.

Y’see, the problem is that it doesn’t look that scifi-esque. It’s all very neat and unobtrusive, and sleek, and all that, but then, so is everything these days (from the television, to cars, to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4). Perhaps that’s why I like the mad colours available on the HTC 8X, too? Anyway, let me lay out what I want… Continue reading

Okay, THIS is awesome – hear the voice of the man who invented the phone!

Nowadays, we all take phones for granted, and people sometimes forget that the history of the telephone can be traced back to the pioneering work of one Alexander Graham Bell, the man who came up with the first practical telephone. Oddly though, considering what he invented, no-one knew what Bell sounded like. Well, until now, that is…

Yes, that is the voice of the man who made the first ever phone call, recorded at the Volta Laboratory, in 1885. If you love your phone, whether you’re using a cheap PAYG special or a top-end Samsung Galaxy S4, you owe it to that man. So, how did they manage to capture his voice after this long? Continue reading

It’s the 40th anniversary of the first EVER mobile phone call!

Well blimey o’riley, I cannot believe I forgot what today is. Mind you, it’s hardly surprising. Just ask any of my friends how good I am at remembering birthdays. Honestly, I’m useless at it; I swear, on my life, I even had my mum’s birthday wrong in my phone until I lent her it for something and she spotted it.

It was a tad awkward, yes.

Anyway, the point is that I was poking about online a few minutes ago, and suddenly saw maaaaaaaaany posts reminding me that today, right, today is the 40th anniversary of the very first ever mobile phone call! So, I reckon it’s time to get all contemplative and retrospective, and all that… Continue reading

Survey – Apple isn’t as ‘inspiring’ these days

[The opinions expressed in the blog post are entirely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of]

Now then, here’s an interesting thing. Y’know how Apple tends to have possibly the most loyal fans in the entire spacetime continuum, and how it’s because Apple manage to give off this vibe that their gear is just cool, and something people want to own? It’s been called the reality distortion field before and it’s served Apple well, but now, it’s starting to sound like that distortion field might be starting to fail.

According to BBC News, consultancy firm Added Value has done a survey about “inspiring” brands, and they’ve found that Apple, apparently, just ain’t as inspiring as it used to be.

So, what’s going on? Continue reading

Should Samsung sell the Galaxy S3 as a cheap, mid-range phone?

Right then, we should all know by now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is getting unveiled tomorrow; you’d have to be living under a moderately massive rock to not be aware of it, since pretty much everyone is talking about it. However, there’s a part of me wonders what their next mid-range phone will be like, ‘cos there’s usually some new mid-ranger that comes out not long after, to capitalise on the flagship’s success (the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini springs immediately to mind).

And then, I read a post on PocketNow, and it made such an incredible amount of sense to me, that I had to do a post about it, here. The basic crux of it is this: what if Samsung didn’t make a mid-range version of the Galaxy S4? Continue reading