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It's a little known fact Technical Markus has now beaten both his Transformers addiction AND his Mass Effect addiction, by replacing both with an equally obsessive addiction to XCOM: Enemy Unknown and buying Humble Bundles for his Android phone. At the moment, he's pondering the actual usefulness of smartwatches and smart glasses, even if the nerd in him is shouting for joy at how sci-fi they are. He spends his spare time being whinged at to figure out what's wrong with other people's mobile phones, and drinking unimaginable quantities of tea. With milk. And three sweeteners, thanks for asking. Oh, and he's got an HTC One X, but he reckons his next phone might be a Sony, the turncoat...

Rumour – rumoured Amazon phone is rumoured to have shown its rumoured face

Rumour - rumoured Amazon phone is rumoured to have shown its rumoured faceRight then, there’s been little snippets of info leaking out, for months and months, about the possibility that Amazon might be working on their own smartphone. There’s been a whole ton of different rumours about what the phone might be like, how big a screen it will have, and so on.

Now, though, thanks to BGR, we have a glimpse at what is purported to be the actual Amazon smartphone itself…  Continue reading

Imagine a 4G phone with a battery made of pixie dust and sorcery

Imagine a 4G phone with a battery made of pixie dust and sorceryModern smartphones are brilliant, aren’t they? They’re uber-powerful, they look gorgeous, and with 4G data, they’re now ridiculously fast online as well. Of course, none of that matters when it comes to charging them up, because that part still takes ages. However, what if I told you there was a way to charge your smartphone in just 30 seconds?

Unbelievably, that’s precisely what StoreDot claims to be able to do… Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 review – not a revolution, but what an evolution!

Samsung Galaxy S5 - not a revolution, but what an evolution!Like clockwork, the year after the release of their best flagship phone ever, Samsung goes ahead and releases another flagship that’s even better than last year’s flagship (which is thus toppled from its flagship-perch), and that has a name one number higher. We should be used to it by now, ‘cos it happens every year, and the end results are always brilliant. And now it’s the turn of the new Samsung Galaxy S5, so it’s time to see how good this phone really is… Continue reading

HTC One M8 – The Big MobileShop Review!

HTC One M8 - The Big MobileShop Review!Well folks, here we go. This beastie has been rumoured for months, and after seeing just about every detail of the phone in a leaked stylee, the HTC One M8 has finally gone official, so at long last, we can take a look at what this new superphone is really like. Not that I’m excited or anything, obviously. It’s just that there’s one bit of this phone that goes beyond mere tech specs, ‘cos it’s made of magic and pixie dust. More on that in a sec, but let’s start with… Continue reading

Technical Markus explains 4G

Technical Markus explains 4GI tell ye, you can’t move for news about 4G, these days. Well, alright, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s something that’s slipping more and more into the public consciousness, which is kinda cool except that not everyone actually knows what it is. But then, it took ages for anyone to explain in simple terms what 3G was, when it first arrived (3G was fast data access, simples), so it’s hardly surprising that the exact same thing has happened this time, too.

And so, I reckon it’s about time I did a a nice, handy-dandy guide to 4G, to explain what it is, what you can use it for, and how you actually get hold of it to use. Let’s do this, shall we…?  Continue reading

Android Wear – okay, NOW wearable devices might get good!

Android Wear - okay, NOW wearable devices might get good!Right then, you all know how I love Android, ‘cos I’ve mentioned that very fact around, ooh, eleven thousand times. It’s brilliant, it really is, but what it’s not been brilliant at, up till now, is powering wearable devices. There’s a good reason for that; Android is designed to power big screens like you’ll find on the upcoming Sony Xperia Z2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Stick it on a watch, with a diddy screen that’s too small for you to poke accurately, and it’s just not a good experience at all.

But what if there was a version of Android designed to run on smartwatches and other wearable devices? Well now there is, its name is Android Wear, and it may in fact be the thing that takes smartwatches into the mainstream. Allow me to explain… Continue reading

Ooh look, there’s an Angry Birds RPG on the way!

Y’know, I rather like Angry Birds, and at the same time, I like big epic RPGs (that’s roleplaying games, not rocket-propelled grenades, obviously) like Skyrim, but what would happen if the two were combined? Well, as it happens, we’re soon going to find out, because Angry Birds Epic is on the way…

Hmm, a new game starring everyone’s favourite stroppy avians, and it doesn’t involve flinging them at things? How very intriguing! So, what’s the crack? Continue reading

Xperia, Galaxy, Firefox, X – the biggest news from MWC 2014

Well, there we go, folks; another year, another Mobile World Congress, although I’m rather pleased to say that this year’s MWC has been a lot more exciting than last year’s complete and total anti-climax of a wash-out! After all the big manufacturers stayed away last year, they’ve come crawling back again (other than Apple, who never show up, and HTC, who’ve decided not to show off their new flagship phone yet), so that we actually saw some big name phones getting announced!

Oh, and there were also a couple of surprises. Quite big surprises, really, as you’ll see throughout the rest of this post. You’ll be able to tell the surprised bits, ‘cos my text will look surprised. So, what new stuff did we get to see this year? Continue reading

So, are Rovio making an Angry Birds Transformers game?

Given how excited I get when certain phones are talked about (the Sony Xperia Z1 is a classic example), you can take it as read that I love smartphones. However, there’s something else I love, and that I have in fact loved for thirty solid years. That something else, as I’m sure you can tell from my avatar (‘cos it’s Ultra Magnus), is Transformers, and I’ve been a fan of the franchise since the very first moment it was unveiled to the world, back in 1984. Well, other than the bits made by Michael Bay, obviously.

And now, in the franchise’s 30th year, it’s beginning to look like the two worlds may come together, ‘cos we may very well be about to see an Angry Birds Transformers game… Continue reading

Irony meters explode worldwide, as Apple complains about patent lawsuits

[The opinions expressed in the blog post are entirely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of]

I’ve said it before, and I’ll doubtless say it again, probably in a really exasperated tone of voice, but patent lawsuits annoy various unnamed bits of my body right off me. I’ve spoken at great length (usually in the Rants category of this blog) about how I sincerely believe that patent lawsuits serve only two purposes: 1/ to stifle innovation; and 2/ to make patent lawyers rich.

Well it turns out that I’m not alone in my utter loathing of frivolous patent lawsuits, although what is surprising is the entity that agrees with me, ‘cos according to PocketNow, the entity who agrees with me is, in fact, Apple.

My irony meter seems to have exploded… Continue reading