Insurance Terms and Conditions

All new customers are offered 1 month free phone insurance with all new phones that we supply. If you choose to accept this insurance you will benefit from cover against theft, accidental damage, and mechanical breakdown subject to the terms and conditions. Following your free period, from month 2 onwards, insurance costs just £4.99, £6.99 or £7.99 per month depending on the level selected. Payments will be collected in advance by Citymain Administrators Limited via direct debit. In respect of month 2 onwards, the monthly premium is collected by Direct Debit in advance, from your account. The insurance may be cancelled at anytime.

Insurance is optional and you can choose not to accept it by removing it from the shopping basket - If you do this we will not insure your new phone.

According to statistics, last year there were 2 million mobile phone thefts in Britain. That is one every 24 seconds. Mobile phone theft now accounts for nearly a third of all robberies reported to the police. Add to this the many thousands of phones which are accidentally damaged or suffer mechanical breakdown, you should give as much consideration to insurance as you do to the choice of your mobile phone.

Insuring your phone is a simple way to protect yourself against the expense and inconvenience of having to replace your mobile phone. Many people believe that if they do not have a mobile phone the contract will be cancelled. Whether or not you have the phone in your possession, you are still liable for the line rental. The cost of replacing a mobile phone without a new contract can cost hundreds of pounds.

If you need to make a claim or enquiry about
insurance, please contact the Administrator:
By telephone: 0844 576 2273
By email:


Important Information

The Sale of Goods Acts lay down several conditions that all goods sold by a trader must meet. The goods must be of satisfactory quality, as described and fit for purpose.

Your statutory rights are limited which is why we offer insurance (not just an extended warranty) specially designed to protect your mobile phone (but not e.g. accessories or car kits) for up to 5 years, (with the first month free) against the risks of theft, accidental damage (including liquid damage) and breakdown whilst being used in the United Kingdom (and worldwide for a maximum of 90 days in any one year) by you as the person who purchased it, your spouse, partner, children, brothers, sisters and parents (all over the age of 18) who permanently live with you.

The Mobile device Insurance offered on this site is underwritten by Amtrust International Underwriters Limited, Registered in Ireland number 169384, Registered Office: 40 Westland Row, Dublin 2, Ireland. Amtrust International Underwriters Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and is licensed to operate in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority and entered on their register under number 203014. You may be entitled to compensation from either the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) in the UK or from the Insurance Guarantee Scheme (IGS) in Ireland if the Insurer cannot meet its liabilities under this policy. The level of compensation provided will depend on the circumstances of the claim. Further information is available from FSCS on +44 207 892 7300 or from the Irish Financial regulator on +353 1 410 4000.

Other Insurance (including some elements of household insurance) may be available for your mobile phone other than from the insurer whose cover is offered on this site.

Your mobile phone insurance will not be automatically terminated in the event of a claim being made.

Like all policies, there are some things this insurance does not cover. Importantly these include;

  • inappropriate use
  • breakdown which occurs during the manufacturer's warranty period
  • abuse, wear and tear or gradual deterioration of the phone
  • cosmetic damage to the phone
  • loss of the phone (applicable to silver and gold levels only)
  • theft claims not accompanied by a Crime Reference Number
  • a claim not reported within 2 working days of discovering the incident
  • a fully completed claim form not returned within 30 days of notifying the claim
  • any claim where the user is under the age of 18
  • the excess of £25 on each and every claim and £50 for every loss claim
  • any claim amount that exceeds the replacement value of your phone
  • theft claims that are not reported to the Police and your Network within 24 hours of discovering the incident
  • theft from an unattended vehicle unless the vehicle is locked and the phone is locked away and completely hidden
  • theft from unoccupied premises unless there is evidence of forced entry
  • theft from the person unless force or threat of violence is used
  • theft where the phone has been left unattended in a public place
  • any claim where reasonable precautions have not been given to protect the phone against theft or damage

Following your one month free insurance, premiums will be collected monthly in advance by Direct Debit at £6.99 per month for Gold level cover, £4.99 per month for Silver level cover and £7.99 per month for Platinum level cover, including any Insurance Premium Tax and will continue by periods of one month (up to a maximum overall period of cover of 5 years) upon receipt of your monthly premiums. You can cancel your Direct Debit at any time and cover will continue until the end of the month for which your premium has been paid.

You have a statutory right to cancel the insurance by giving written notice of cancellation within 14 days of the receipt of confirmation of insurance cover to the Citymain Administrators Limited ("the Administrator") at PO Box 116 Ryde PO33 2WX quoting your mobile phone number. If you do not exercise this right to cancel then your rights and those of the insurer to cancel this insurance cover thereafter are that you may cancel this insurance at any time by giving notice of cancellation, in writing or by telephone, to the Administrator. Cover will continue until the end of the month for which your premium has been paid.

If you need to make a claim under the insurance contact the Administrator at the above address or on 0844 576 2273



How or where do Citymain obtain my details?
When you purchase your phone from, provided you have agreed to purchase the insurance option, your bank details used in the mobile phone transaction are then included within the insurance scheme. The Direct Debit Guarantee is available during the sales process detailing all the safeguards of the paperless Direct Debit scheme. Citymain Administrators Ltd will email/write to you confirming the cover and giving confirmation of the Direct Debit set up.

How much is the premium and how will it be collected?
The premium is £4.99, £6.99 or £7.99 per month depending on the level of cover chosen including IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) and will be collected by Direct Debit each month from your bank account.

When does the insurance cover commence?
Providing you have agreed to purchase the insurance option, your phone is covered from when it is received by you from Cover continues on a monthly rolling basis, with the first month being free, subject to you having paid the monthly premium in advance by Direct Debit.

When does the insurance end?
In addition to your statutory right, you may cancel this insurance at any time by giving notice of cancellation, in writing or by telephone, to the Administrator. On receipt of the cancellation, cover will terminate at the end of the month for which you have paid your premium.
>Cancellation is not automatic at the end of the 1 month free period.

Am I able to benefit from this insurance if I live outside the UK?
Regretfully the coverage is only available to those people who are permanently resident in the United Kingdom. If you reside in any other country such as the United States, we regret that we are not able to provide insurance. If you are a UK permanent resident, you are covered for up to 90 days worldwide cover in any 12 month period.

What am I covered for?
There are three levels of cover:

Silver - Accidental Damage & Mechanical Breakdown and worldwide protection for up to 30 days in any one year

Gold - Theft, Accidental Damage and Mechanical Breakdown and worldwide protection for up to 45 days in any one year

Platinum - Theft, Loss, Accidental Damage and Mechanical Breakdown and worldwide protection for up to 60 days in any one year

Please check your Policy Wording to determine your level of cover.

How much is the excess payment?
The first £25 is payable by you in respect of each and every claim. This is in increased to £50 in the event of a loss claim.

Why shouldn't I cover this under my household Insurance?
This policy is a dedicated insurance policy especially for mobile phones, ensuring rapid replacement or repair of your handset once your claim has been accepted. Household policies often have a higher excess and a claim for a mobile phone will more than likely affect your no claims bonus.

My phone has just stopped working?
If you have not damaged the phone by accident, and it was bought less than a year ago, it is likely that the handset is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. In this case please call the Customer care line on 0845 450 4974. If the handset was purchased in excess of a year ago, or the phone has been damaged by an accident, please call the claim line on 0844 576 2273.

If my phone has been stolen, how do I make a claim?
In the event of theft, within 24 hours of discovering the incident:
1. You must notify the Network you are connected to and have the line barred
2. You must notify the appropriate local Police authorities and obtain a Crime Reference Number
3. Within
2 working days of discovering the incident you must contact the claim line on 0844 576 2273 and report the claim. You will be sent a claim form for completion which must be returned within 30 days of notifying the date of claim together with your excess payment of £25 (£50 in the case of a loss claim).

In the event of Accidental Damage:
1. Within 2 working days of discovering the incident, you must contact the claim line on 0844 576 2273
2. Once you have returned the phone to the repair centre and the fully completed claim form has been received the claim will be assessed. If the claim is approved your excess will be collected. Following this procedure the repair or replacement will be authorised.

Can I fax the claim form to you?
Regretfully Underwriters require an original, signed copy of the claim form. You should post this first class and it will be processed the same day it is received in the office. The address you should post the claim form to is: Claims Department
PO Box 116
PO33 2WX

Where can I obtain a copy of the insurance terms and conditions?
If you would like a further copy of the terms and conditions click here to view them:
Silver Level - Terms & Conditions 
Gold Level - Terms & Conditions 
Platinum Level - Terms & Conditions 

How long is a claim likely to take?
Providing we have received all the necessary paperwork from you, the claim will be processed within 2 business days. If your phone is being replaced, please allow three to five working days after the claim has been accepted. If your phone is being repaired, please allow five to seven working days after the claim has been accepted. Please note that these timescales are subject to receipt of full information required to assess the claim.

How can I make an enquiry about insurance?
You can email or telephone 0844 576 2273

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